How to Shop For Multi-Strand Beaded Bracelets

Are you planning for an event and you require a hand accessory to complement the attire? Or you just fancy multi-strand leather bracelets? This article would guide you on things to consider when buying one so you don’t make huge mistakes and shop wrongly. Look out for these factors when you want to get yourself a multi-stranded bracelet:

Bead Type

This factor is dependent on your budget. Multi-strand beaded bracelets differ with respect to the nature of the beads. Some are made of plastic beads, glass beads, wood bead, semi-precious stones or precious stones. As mentioned, it depends on your budget. It is obvious that multi-strand bracelets made with precious stones would be more expensive than the wooden or plastic beaded multi-strand bracelets. You could also buy bracelets that have alternate beads on each strand; that is the designers may line a strand with glass beads and the next with wooden, precious stones etc. and on like that. This variation could make the bracelet beautiful and remove the element of dullness- It makes the bracelets more interesting.

Bead Color

The name multi-strand comes from the fact that this bracelet consists of many lines of beads or precious stones. These lines or strands may consist of uniform or multi-colored beads. Most times, each strand may be of different colors than other strands. Because of this variation in color, you have to pick the right color combination so you don’t procure a bracelet with conflicting colors. Don’t fall for flashy colors, you may not have the right attire that complements that bracelet. You don’t want to go about looking like a clown so pick right colors that complement your skin color and the attire in mind.


Yeah, the clasp is very important. A big clasp attached to a thin multi-stranded bracelet could look awkward. Believe it or not, the clasps also facilitate the beautification of the bracelets. You could purchase a multi-strand bracelet with golden clasps or any other material which could blend well with the color of the beads. Be sure to buy bracelets that the clasps lock well else they could fail you and let the whole beads loose.


This is relative and according to user’s preference. In other words, it’s your definition of quality and beauty. There are various styles of the multi-strand beaded bracelets. Some designers prefer to tangle the strands together in an intricate way that the various color of the beads blend with each other while some bracelets may have pendants replacing some beads. It doesn’t matter what you like just make sure that whatever style you purchase doesn’t make you appear ostentatious. Shopping for bracelets could be a daunting task as there are various designs of multi-strand bracelets but if you consider these factors when next you go shopping you’ll be just fine. And certainly you do get the best out there and of course, your desired choice!

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