Dog Shopping: 5 Items You Should Add to Your Shopping List for Your New Dog

It is always a great fun welcoming a new dog into your home. And upon welcoming a new dog there is actually a dire need to go shopping for your dog in order to get the available accessories in place to keep your dog comfortable. So, are you set to go on a shopping spree and perhaps thinking about what items you really need to buy? Consider the following items to add to your dog shopping list:


It is necessary for all dogs to be crate trained. So, the first thing you need is to get a crate for your dog and you need to select the right crate for your dog. There are various types of crate available and you should take out time to select which crate will work best for your dog. After getting your desired crate you can add a little comfort to it by placing a pillow, blanket or dog crate pad on the bottom of the crate, this is necessary for your dog’s comfort while in the crate.


Collar helps you control and identify your dog and thus it is very important for your new dog. While collar is good for dogs it is also dangerous to leave them on your dog unattended – could get trapped on things and strangle your dog as a result. Therefore, do not leave any collar on your dog especially puppy unattended, as they have a penchant for getting their lower jaw stuck in it. Set the collar to be loose enough for you to get a couple of fingers between it and your puppy’s neck – these are some precautions you need to adhere to when you get a collar for your dog.

Retractable Leash

Retractable Leash is another important item you need to get for your dog. It gives your dog more freedom. However, sometimes retractable leash could give your dog much freedom that the dog may wander into the road or up to strange dogs or under people’s feet. For this reason, it is advisable that Retractable Leash is retracted unless you live in a safe place far away from other people’s dog. So, know where to and where not to use a retractable leash.  But it is an important item to keep your dog comfortable, free and happy.


Yes, your puppy needs a brush. A soft brush is perfect for getting your puppy used to grooming. You can buy other grooming tools when the dog is matured.


You also need to get a doggy toothbrush and toothpaste for your dog, it is very important. Be careful with the toothpaste you get for your dog, do not use human toothpaste which is not made to be swallowed in order not to put your dog's health at risk. These are some important items you need to buy for your dog especially your new dog among other numerous items. So, if you’ve made your list and skipped any of these items mentioned, try to add them to your list because your dog needs them to stay comfortable, happy and healthy. And if you’re considering where to do this shopping, online shopping is just the best. You have all the time to go through the items, place your order and get them delivered to your doorstep without stress.

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