Do Dogs Need Clothes Too?

Do dogs really need clothes? They’ve got furs already, right? That’s what you’re probably thinking. Why get dog clothes for your dogs? Do they really need it? Why should we add dog clothes to our budget after all we feed them and give them other amenities for survival? The dog cloth industry has experienced improvements in recent years. You might think purchasing dog clothes is just another ostentatious way of living but no, your dogs do need attires. Early dogs did not wear clothes, that’s because the early man had a lot of problems to solve and didn’t think providing clothes for their dogs was important. Then, early men even used those dogs for hunting and other domestic tasks; so why dress a dog if its purpose is to perform crude tasks? Well, the world has evolved and dogs are much more than just task-performing animals, they’ve become an intricate part of human life and as a result of this, we have to improve the quality of life of these animals. That means providing food, safe and clean environment, improving the appearance of the dog and even providing clothes for them. Let’s see why dogs need clothes:


In extreme Polar Regions or winter periods, not all dogs are as furry as Eskimos. How do you expect them to weather the winter and the cold? If you don’t know dogs can also catch a cold. Some dogs aren’t just made for these weather conditions i.e. skinny, light, smooth-skinned dogs. You have to get dog sweater for them. Even in cases or rain, a dog raincoat could be used.    


The same way humans need clothes not only to conceal nakedness but to improve appearance and look more attractive also applies to our dogs. Although dogs don’t need clothes to attract opposite sex, nobody wants to play or interact with a dirty or ill-looking dog. Most dogs are taken care of; given a bath and worn a dog t-shirt or hoodie. These dogs are termed cool dogs. Some dogs are even used as models to promote dog fashion.


Some dogs like to cozy up and bask in their respective baskets. These dogs are always happy when warmed up, some clothes such as dog hoodies could keep them warm all day. With this comfort, they could sleep and rest. This helps reduce stress and other anxiety issues and as well improves life quality of the dog. Note that if your dog does little or no activity in a day, it is quite dangerous. Your dog could become lazy and obese in the process. Most dogs don’t even fancy the idea of dog clothes and may get upset at the slightest provocation however it all bores down to training. A dog that’s been trained to wear dog clothes right from its days as a puppy would have no problem wearing clothes even as a grown dog. So, while you shop for clothes for your dog, be cautious of the clothes you wear your dogs. Some dogs overheat easily so ensure the apparel isn’t too bulky. Remember the objective is to improve the dog’s life quality, not the other way round.

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