Smart Tips for Jewelry Shopping Online

  • With the growth of Ecommerce, thousands of jewelry stores now sell their products on the internet to take advantage of the global reach of the internet and the ease of buying and selling across the electronic media. There is no type of jewelry piece you won’t find on the web, from the most coveted timeless pieces from the French masters to knock-down fakes that go for a couple of dollars. This is because selling jewelry on the internet is much easier as you can target your audience, you need no physical stores, and the overhead is lower. But as much as the internet is easy to navigate, it is also full of pitfalls, and you need to be on your guard when buying jewelry online to get maximum value for your money

Know about the product

  • The first thing you need to be sure of is the jewelry item you are buying. Whether you are buying bracelets or a pair of earrings, you need to know about the particular product you want to buy before going on to the internet to buy it. There are many jewelry sets from different jewelers on the internet, know the brand and item you want to buy beforehand to avoid losing your money. Various categories of jewelry have different classifications. If you are purchasing a pendant ring made of gold, know the meaning of Karats and the implication on the size and price of the item. If you want to buy gemstone earrings, acquaint yourself with the four Cs which are color, clarity, cut, and carats. These Cs determine the quality of gemstones such as diamonds, sapphire, ruby and the likes.

Jewelry Terminologies

  • Jewelry makers have a distinct set of terminologies for classifying their products. If you are buying gemstone jewelry sets, learn about the meaning of natural faceted gemstones and if you want to buy a pearl necklace, be sure to understand what cultured pearls mean and the best sources of pearls. Gold plated, imitation gold, simulated, and created are all terminologies used to describe gold jewelry, and these terms have a huge effect on the price and quality of jewelry items. Learn them before going to a jewelry shop online.

Reputation of the store

  • The internet is full of many online stores; many are trustworthy while some are shady. An effective way of checking out the integrity of an online store is to check the customer reviews about the quality of service, especially if they use an online platform such as eBay or Amazon. Go through the feedback of customers, the history of the business, how long have they been selling, their phone number, website and other means of reaching them. If there is anything out of place, it’s better to back off and look elsewhere for your jewelry sets.

Return Policy

  • Buying on the internet is like buying with a blindfold on because no matter the quality of the item's picture, you may never get the real feel of the product until it gets to your hands. A return policy ensures that you can return the product to get a refund if what you ordered wasn’t what you expected. Even though you may have to foot the shipping bills to send it back to the seller, it’s better than buying a jewelry set you won’t be wearing. Remember to always check the return policy before going for your credit card.

Buying jewelry on the internet can be quite fun and easy as you have a lot of stores and sellers to choose from, but nothing is perfect in this uncertain world. Due diligence on your part will save you from unnecessary headaches and frustration. Do your homework, ask around, and be alert when buying earrings and necklaces or any other jewelry set on the internet, and you will always end up with the best deals.

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