Chronograph Men’s Stainless Steel WatchesChronograph Men’s Stainless Steel WatchesChronograph Men’s Stainless Steel WatchesChronograph Men’s Stainless Steel WatchesChronograph Men’s Stainless Steel WatchesChronograph Men’s Stainless Steel Watches

Chronograph Men’s Stainless Steel Watches

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Chronograph Men’s Stainless Steel Watches Review


A good watch is invaluable for any man whether they work in a high power corporate office or they run a successful business from home. I guess it can be compared to the relationship that women have with diamonds. The key to having a nice statement piece is striking the balance between high quality functionality and outstanding aesthetics.

With so many brands, models and designs out there, it can be quite the challenge to narrow it down to the perfect watch. If you are having trouble finding the right pick for you or a friend then you should consider Chronograph Men’s Stainless Steel watches. They are widely regarded as some of the highest quality time pieces in the world. Here is a comprehensive review to help put things in perspective and to show whether or not these watches are actually worth all the hype. There is also important information on what to look for when shopping for a watch.

How to pick the right watch as/for a man


What makes a watch worth buying? Is it how pretty it looks? Is it how complex the design appears? Or is it even what the sales representative decides to over promote?

Understanding the important factors features to look out for is the best way to ensure that you get a good deal. Below are 10 things you should definitely look into and the options available out there. This information will also make it easier for you to understand the implications the different design specifications of the Chronograph Men’s Stainless Steel Watch being reviewed. Here is what you should be keen on.

The watch movement


If you are a true watch enthusiast then you already know how important the movement or caliber a watch uses is. If this is a foreign term to you then simply consider this as what powers the watch. Like an engine of sorts. There are many different types out there and they affect things like accuracy and longevity.

There are 3 main designs in this case. These include the automatic that utilizes kinetic energy from moving hands, mechanical that needs winding and quarts that is battery powered. The automatic and mechanical are unique and great for collection but are not the most accurate as they rely on human input to function. Therefore, if you do not wind them up or keep them moving they will not give you precise time.

Case material


This is the part of the watch that hosts the movement apparatus and the face components. It therefore has to be something strong and durable. Most watches use allow and other metals like gold or silver. These are resistant not only to impact but also to corrosion. There are other models out there with cases made out of plastic. This might make the watch cheaper but it ultimately exposes the important components to damage from environmental factors.

Strap material


The strap material is important to consider as it is what determines just how comfortable the watch is. It also has an effect on the aesthetic and overall quality. If you are looking for something practical for manual labor especially when there is water involved then rubber, plastic and corrosion-resistant metals are the way to go. If you are going for a classic look and feel then you cannot go wrong with plastic and metal straps.

Fastening mechanism


There are many different watch clasp designs out there. The easiest to use include the old fashioned buckle, the buckle and hook and the butterfly clasps. For something more sophisticated then the deployant clasp and its variations are worth considering. For the most part, the types of clasps that you will get to choose from will be heavily influenced by the material of the strap that you settle for. Therefore consider both equally before making your choice.

Wrist size and adjustability


A goof watch does not just look good; it fits properly. You should therefore ensure that whatever you are settling for is the right size for your wrist. There are some watches out there whose strap design and fastening mechanisms allow you to adjust the wrist size to fit you better. It goes without saying that these are the best option as they offer a lot more versatility and flexibility. That way when your friend Tim with the giant hands want to borrow the watch it doesn’t have to be an Olympic sport getting it to fit.

Case diameter


When looking into size ensure that you also factor in the size of the watch case. If you are going for the traditional circle case then ensure that the diameter is proportional to your hand size. There is no fixed rule to help you determine the perfect size. However, it is not so hard to tell when a watch’s case and face is ridiculously small or large.

Source of power


For the quartz type of watches, you can have battery powered, rechargeable or even solar powered watches. The battery powered watches offer you more flexibility and longevity in terms of battery life. However, you need to replace them on a regular basis. Rechargeable ones on the other hand save you the trouble of replacing batteries but pose the inconvenience of having to remember to charge them. Finally, with the solar panel watches you get the best of batteries and rechargeable watches with the only drawback being the need to expose the watch to sunlight regularly.

Water resistance rating


Most water resistant watches offer the options of 3 ATM or 20m, 5 ATM or 50m, 10 ATM or 100m or 20 ATM or 200m. The higher the value the deeper in water you can go. Most decent watches fall within the 3 ATM and 5 ATM categories. These allow you to carry out various day to day activities including showering and washing dishes. If you are exposed to more water either for work or as a hobby you might want to get the higher levels of resistance.

Face design


This is mainly for the aesthetics. The most popular design is the circular face with 3 hands. Even with this base design there are many different unique options in terms of the hand design, number design and background. Here, it is all about your preferences as these do not affect the watch’s functionality.



There are watches in all price ranges from below $10 to over $1000. It all depends on what you want and what you are able and willing to spend. However, it goes without saying that the higher the price tag the more the perks.

Chronograph Men’s Stainless Steel Watch review


The Megir brand


Before you can understand the watch you need to understand its origins. The Chronograph Men’s Stainless Steel Watches line is a product of the well-respected Megir watchmaking brand. They have been in the business of creating unique and high quality time pieces since 1997. The brand is part of the Chinese-based Shenzen-Meigeer company that also owns two other major watch brands; Ruimas and Nakzen.

One thing consumers in Asia and other parts of the world have come to expect from Megir is nothing but high quality time pieces. Their use of unique miyota watch movements guarantees this. That way, you as a watch enthusiast can rest assured that you are getting full value for your money and then some.

Key features of Chronograph Men’s Watches


As earlier stated, what makes a great watch great is a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, the review of this line will focus heavily on these very important aspects.

Aesthetic design


Alloy case and stainless steel straps


To be honest these features quality as both aesthetic and functional aspects of the watch. However, it is safe to say that the awesome finish on both contributes more to the former than the latter. They give the watch a manly but polished and modern appearance. The high quality material also ensures that you maintain these good looks for a very long time. This is because of their resistance to both corrosion and scratching.

The same alloy on the case is applied to the back of the watch. This ensures long term shininess despite constant contact with the body and sweat. The back also features the Megir logo which is a nice aesthetic touch especially for collection purposes.

They are available in three colors


These are gold, silver and black. Pair that black piece with your khakis and you just turned that casual outfit into a statement. Add the gold or silver to your dark formal suits and you have some nice bling to spruce up the otherwise monotonous look.

They all have a nice glossy finish that adds greatly to the watches’ overall aesthetic appeal. Ultimately, the choice of color is up to you as the buyer but you can rest assured that you will not go wrong with any of the three.

Crystal glass


One of the best things about this glass is the incredible levels of clarity that it offers. No more having to squint through a shady watch glass to see the time. In addition to contributing to the glossy aesthetic of the metallic components this glass has some functional benefits up its sleeve. Pun very much intended. It is designed to be impact resistance which makes it just as perfect for outdoor activities as it is for conservative indoor ones.

Functional design


Six pointer dial system


This design makes the watch stand out as it essentially makes it multifunction. There are 4 main dials. The first is the traditional three-hand face that shows you the hour, minutes and seconds. The other 3 can be set to count down minutes, seconds or microseconds. Finally, the watch allows you to keep track of days with its scroll calendar on the main dial. With all these, you have a watch, timer and calendar all in one. It couldn’t be any more convenient.



The Chronograph Men’s stainless steel watches have a 3 ATM rating as far as water resistance. This means that you can wear it out in the rain, wash dishes and have a bit of fun splashing about without causing any damage. The effect is created by a combination of the air and water tight crystal glass face and the sealed back alloy plate. This might not be the highest water resistance rating out there but it is still pretty impressive.

The miyota time movement


The electricity-powered Miyota movement hails from Japan and without going into too much detail it is considered one of the best watch calibers in the world. It was initially introduced to Megir as an experimental option for the Chronograph line of watches. Needless to say it has been invaluable to the company providing their watches with the stability and precision that makes them so popular.

Glow in the dark hands


This might look pretty cool in the dark but it serves more of a functional purpose than an aesthetic one. The minute and hour hands on the watch’s main dial emit a light green glow in the dark. This comes in handy for users who are often in dark places whether it is the basement of a factory or a cave being explored. All you need to do is ensure that the watch is exposed to light whenever possible. This ensures that the luminous material is powered up and ready to glow when needed.

3 gear watch crown


This consists of two buttons that control the 3 timer dials already discussed. The button on the top end starts the timer while the one at the bottom stops it making the watch super easy to use. Between these two press buttons is a screw button that allows the user to adjust time and the calendar.

Hook and buckle closure


This design ensures easy and fast fastening around the wrist. You do not have to spend what feels like hours figuring out what goes where just to get it on or off. It is also very secure which means that you won’t have it falling off you as you go about your daily business with it on you.

Battery powered


The gears and motors on this watch are powered by a single small battery set up in the back of the watch. It has an average lifetime of about 60 months. This is a pretty long time to have it up and running before you have to worry about getting the battery replaced. The main reason for this battery longevity is the movement used. The Miyota is highly energy efficient which means that it can run all the different functions accurately without draining your battery.

Pros to look forward to


It is a durable watch


This is as a result of the design and materials used. The watch in general is resistant to deteriorating factors like rust, scratches and impact forces. You therefore have very little to do to keep it looking good and working well.

It is a great fashion statement piece


The case design, mesh straps and clear glass are to thank for this fact. The watch also has great finishing in 3 of the most classic watch colors which means you can never go wrong with it as far as looks are concerned.

It is very accurate and reliable


While other watches are out there losing seconds and even minutes you can rest assured that your Megir Chronograph Men’s Stainless Steel Watch will not let you down. The movement used ensures stability and proper functioning of all the gears so that you always have the time right.

You get multiple functions in one


With this watch, you might never have to consult a calendar or use a stopwatch again. Just check the dials and use your gear buttons for some control and you should be good to go.


It is affordable


The icing on the cake is that you get to enjoy all these amazing features and perks without having to go broke. It is unlikely that you will find a watch with as much to offer at a better price than Megir’s.

Cons you might have to live with


It is not immersion resistant


The 3 ATM water resistance is good for day to day activities. However, there is a lot you cannot do with it including swimming and any other water activities that involve immersion.


The size is not adjustable


The buckle and hook fastening mechanism might be convenient and secure but it is not adjustable. This means that if your wrist is too big it will be a tight fit and if the wrist is small then you will have a lot of looseness and movement to deal with.

Final verdict


With all these features, pros and cons discussed in detail, it is safe to say that the Chronograph Men’s Stainless Steel Watch line is worth the hype. The high quality materials, expert craftsmanship and unique features make it worth every penny you will spend. The fact that you do not have to spend so many of the aforementioned pennies is also something to celebrate.


The few cons you have to deal with, though significant, are not enough to discount all the good things to look forward to. Therefore if it fits and you are not a professional deep sea diver looking for an underwater timepiece you should be able to live with the drawbacks. In conclusion, if you are looking for a new timepiece for yourself or as a gift for a man in your life then this is definitely an option to consider seriously. You will not be disappointed.


Chronograph Men's Watches

Chronograph Men’s Watches

Chronograph Men's Watches

Chronograph Men’s Watches

Chronograph Men's Watches

Chronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's WatchesChronograph Men's Stainless Steel Mesh Band Multi-function Gold WatchesChronograph Men's Stainless Steel Mesh Band Multi-function Gold Watches

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