Tips on How to Purchase Best Chain and Link Bracelets

Bracelets are one of many fashion accessories today. There exist various types of bracelets with different designs. They are jewelry and aid in complementing outfits and give you some sort of sparkle amongst your colleagues. You probably want to start incorporating bracelets into your fashion and perhaps you don’t have an idea where to start from – this article is for you then. Chain bracelets either gold chain bracelets or silver chain bracelets are formed by a succession of metallic loops that are linked together whilst link bracelets are similar to the chain bracelet. They are linked but with several pieces of similar decorations: precious metal or gems. Ignorance especially to a newbie when going on jewelry shopping could be very dangerous as they could get scammed; be cajoled into buying wrong choices or even into purchasing fakes. This article would give you tips to help you purchase best link and chain bracelets when next you go shopping. Let’s get started:

Know what you want

Before going out to the jewelry shop, you have to know what you want. Why? Most employed sales attendants take advantage of this ignorance and could cajole or sweet talk you into buying anything. They are employed to make sales and they don’t really care if the link or chain bracelet presented to you would fit you, they just want to sell it. This is not their fault as they only want to keep their jobs. This also helps you avoid operating way over your budget. So, have an idea of what you want or take a close friend with knowledge of jewelry along with you.  Once you know what you want, you can’t be scammed.  


Although this is relative to the buyer, so you’ve got to ask yourself which color would go well with you. Don’t let your love for a particular color influence your decisions. Why? You may ask. Say you love colored stones and you go for it without considering few factors: you might go home discovering that rather than the bracelet complementing you and your outfit it makes you look rather awkward. Whether it’s plain gold, silver or colored link or chain bracelets make sure you buy it right. It’s best you ask a friend or choose a color which is friendly with your closet.

Jewelry allocation

Most bracelets are defined by the proportioning of its stones or gems. This might be dependent on your budget. High stones detailing are more expensive than lower stones detailing. Take into consideration that the goal is to complement your outfit not make you look awkward; link or chain bracelets with large stones might make you come off as being cocky or too ostentatious. So, if it’s either a slender or big bracelet you desire, be sure not to be to overdo it.

Don’t rush

Finally, don’t always be in a haste to conclude a deal. You could come the first time to look it over, come the next with a friend to ask his opinion and ponder on it before making a decision. Research says most people who hastily make decisions have a high percentage of making wrong ones. You don’t want to make mistakes especially when jewelry shopping. Some stores have no return policies. You could ask around family or a professional jeweler on opinions

Final note

Bracelet shopping could be a daunting task especially if you have no idea where to start from, so take these few tips to heart when next you go shopping and always ask questions.

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