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Refill Cartridges for CVSAC-2901. Whether the magic of not smoking still eludes you or you simply enjoy smoking our excellent e cigar, sooner or later you will need a some refill cartridges. The e cigar (CVSAC-2901) is the perfect companion for those trying to give up or even people who want to sneakily satisfy cravings when they are in non-smoking areas like air-craft, movie theatres or at a friends house. Buy them today at an excellent wholesale price from Wholesale-Star.

China Manufacturer Specification

  • 5 Cartridges Per Box
  • Strengths:
    - 2 x High Strength (16mg)
    - 1 x Medium Strength (11mg)
    - 1 x Low Strength (6 mg)
    - 1 x Nil (No Nicotine)
  • Dimension: 57mm Length x 12mm Diameter
  • Manufacturer Ref.: XDTN748C2K65

Other Features:

  • Compatible with CVSAC-2901 "Super Quitter No Smoke Electronic Cigar"


  • Manufacturer and Origin: China
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    • Model: CVSAC-2902
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